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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 19, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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going, instead of in the middle. you don't really see too much rotation. i do feel that this cell has pretty much weakened. although if you're in that region, obviously we've had very gusty winds. maybe as high as 60 miles an hour. some of these cells can produce perhaps a quick tornado or funnel cloud. right now, i have no verification of that. but we'll keep tracking this storm and keep with the weather system as the tornado warning is officially still in effect for the next 15 empties. -- 15 minutes. and remember, wjz is always on. for the updated forecast and any watches or warnings, go to outrage from city leaders tonight, after an elderly man is beaten while fishing in south baltimore. one man is under arrest. and two others are being stalked in what is being considered a hate crime. adam may is live in central booking with the latest from investigators and an exclusive interview, with the woman who helped the fisherman. >> right now, that one suspect is locked up here at central booking. at least two others on the
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loose. and tonight, in a wjz exclusive, we are learning more about the victim's injuries, from the woman who first offered help. >> oh, my god. are you okay? and he was crying. and just blood everywhere. and his eyes hanging out. >> reporter: speaking first to eyewitness news, caron moore was working security near fort armistead park, when 76-year- old james griffin, a black fisherman, was attacked by a group of suspected white supremacist. >> he said the boys knocked him on the ground, kicked him, took his keys, and sped off with his truck. >> reporter: soon after, police spotted the truck in a crash, leading to the arrest of 28- year-old kelvin lockner. court papers say this wouldn't have happened if the fisherman was a white man. lockner has a hitler tattoo that says "he lives," a member of the arian brotherhood.
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arian brotherhood. >> we have our finger on a lot of these insane, violent people that we need to be focused on. >> reporter: as police search for the other suspects. mayor dixon visited the victim in the hospital. >> his family is understandably shaken by this. and by the violence and what was said to him. and what was done to him. >> he is in stable condition. >> reporter: neighbors are saying it couldn't have happened to a nicer man. >> in this day and age, with a new president and all, we would be past that hate crime. >> i hope the president is okay and that they can catch the people that did this to them. >> reporter: and this morning, lockner's bail was denied. earlier this year, he was arrested for assaulting his wife. police say that argument stemmed because of her relationship with african americans. live in central booking, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> adam, thank you. anyone with information on the attack is urged to call city police. the medical records of the virginia tech gunmen are finally released.
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denise is in the newsroom with what they revealed. >> reporter: the files for seung-hui cho were found five months ago at the director's home. the files showed he denied having any homicidal thoughts. there were also notes from the counselors indicating that they were concerned for cho but not indicating that he would commit violence. cho did talk to two different therapists at the university before the massacre. the files were released by virginia tech after cho's family agreed to make them public. the race to find the new flu vaccine took a new turn today as children rolled up their sleeps. -- sleeves. and alex demetrick has more on why the young are the focus of this. >> reporter: this new strain is a focus of children for two reasons. vulnerability and mass infections.
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>> headache? >> no. >> nausea? >> no. >> body aches? >> no. >> reporter: 11-year-old ethan's answers opens the doors to testing an experimental vax seen on -- vaccine on children, now that an experimental test on adults showed it was safe and effective. >> can you take your thumb and hold it there for me? >> uh-huh. >> thank you. >> h1n1 now has been sweeping the world since it first erupted in mexico. >> i guess it's going to be -- i'll have like an advantage. >> i just really wanted them to be healthy through the school year. and since this is a new strain, we just wanted to make sure that they were protected if they could be. >> reporter: the new flu is still mild. and it's that strain of the virus researchers have developed a vaccine for. even if it doesn't mutate into
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something serious, it's still likely among the very young. >> younger people are going to have more severe effects in general. >> it's like flipping a coin, as to what goes to vaccine they'll receive. >> reporter: testing which level is more effective comes in followup lab work after the shots. >> reporter: running this trial with children is critical because they for the age group most likely to spread the flu. >> because it spreads so easily among them that yes, you could create a firewall to have the ability to control the virus to some extend. >> researchers hope to have a vaccine cleared and in the pipeline by sometime this october. sally? >> originally, health experts thought 120 million doses of the vaccine would reach americans this fall. that number has since been scaled back to 45 million. the eastern united states has its eyes set on hurricane bill as it churns into a powerful category 4 storm.
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it's the biggest threat to bermuda. but parts of the united states may see some choppy water by this weekend. hi, bernadette. >> hello, kai. the 5:00 update is in. winds are still 32/100ths of a- mile-an-hour. it's moving to the northwest. so it's starting to make a turn, more so to the northwest. here's how it looks when we put it into motion. category 4 storm looks like it could intensify a little more. but remain in the category 4 range. and it will go into colder waters and lose a lot of strength. but for the united states, it's that front coming in our direction, thursday and friday, kick this out eventually. going to pass by our latitude over the weekend. and it's probably going to kick up some swells down at the
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beaches. so if you are head down that way, rip tides could be an issue. something that we'll also keep you on. wjz is always on. to track hurricane bill, get forecast updates and to see our special hurricane section, go to the journalism world suffers a major loss tonight, as donahueit dies of pan-- don hu -- don hewitt dies of pancreatic cancer. drew levinson reports on hewitt's impact on the news you're watching right now. >> reporter: when it came to broadcast journalism, donahueit -- don hewitt was a broadcast pioneer. a career that can be described as illust illustrious began in 1948. that's when he became the director of the first cbs evening news show. he directed a lot of programs,
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including edward r. murrow's "see it now." >> i can push a button and turn to don. >> reporter: directing the famous presidential debate between john kennedy and richard nixon. >> i felt like a referee at a fight. i was giving them last-minute instructions before they went to their corner and came out swinging. >> reporter: hewitt advised nixon. and eventually, losing the election. a couple of years later, hewitt became the first executive producer of the cbs evening news, with walter cronkite. he's credited with creating the look that for decades defined how television news was presented. >> but his greatest creation was no doubt, "60 minutes ." the show that changed the face of broadcast journalism. >> good evening this. is "60 minutes" it's a kind of a magazine for television. >> reporter: "60 minutes" was the first news program to
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become a top 10 television show. hewitt had already celebrated has 80th birthday, when in 2004, he efficiently stepped down as head of "60 minutes." but don hewitt remained in the cbs family, lending his experience and expertise to the search for new ways to cover tv news in the 21st century. in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> hewitt is survived by his wife and four children. metro trains in washington, d.c. will continue to run in manual mode indefinitely. trains have been operating in manual mode since the deadly metro crash in june that killed nine people. this is just a precaution until problems related to that crash are fixed. manually-operating trains do move slower. so passengers should expect longer waits. you can expect delays on i- 95 in baltimore and washington. construction is under way, as cues build the interchange with the intercounty connector, the
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icc, between prince george's, and montgomery county. it will connect route 198 in laurel with 212 in beltville. and closures in the northbound lanes begin at 8:00 p.m. and open at 7:00 a.m. a major u.s. retailer is getting a makeover. wal-mart is rolling back its sleeves and changing its look. weijia jiang explains what you could soon see in your neighborhood store. >> reporter: if this is wal- mart as you know it, say your goodbyes. >> we have, over the last couple of years, changed our brand. and now we are rolling it out nationwide. and this is what the new wal- mart store of the future is going to look like. >> reporter: this is one of the first of the area to be completely revamped. wal-mart plans to remodel 76% of its store. >> bigger. >> product displays. >> it was a mes. and you -- mess. and you couldn't get around. >> we're going to leave it open for you. >> one of the most noticeable
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differences is the aisle space. there's a lot more of it. you can line up about five carts in an aisle, which gives the customer a lot more room to shop. >> it's more modernized. the electronics are so much nicer. it's more inviting. >> reporter: because the lights are brighter. the electronics and food department are four times bigger. the signs are easier to read. and the pharmacy is near the entrance. >> customers want one. -stop shopping. >> reporter: among those to get a makeover are those on carol mills. reisterstown in ox wings mills. owings mills, giving workers temporary work. it's oops the chain -- the train is adding fresh produce to its shelves. as the battle for sales continues, it's a win-win for the consumer, no matter where they shop. >> conveniencewise, it's better. >> the renovations at at this time mount airy store took about try months to complete. 70 people from among the area
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were hired to do the work. >> there are more than 4,000 wal-mart stores in the country. still ahead at 5:00, defending himself for the first time, michael jackson's personal physician talked about the accusations against him. back in jay. -- in jail. survivor winner richard hatch. i'm jessica cart altia. -- jessica kartalija. the school is making academic history today. get the updated first warning forecast with bob.
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as family members prepare to bury michael jackson on his 51st birthday, the investigation into his death is not over. the man at the center of the probe is dr. conrad murray. patty kaufman reports for wjz, he speaking out for the first time on you tube. >> i want to thank all of my patients and friends --
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>> reporter: dr. conrad murray, the subject of a police investigation into the death of michael jackson, shares a public statement for the first time on the internet. >> while we've all seen dr. conrad's picture, we have never heard him speak. i was like, i didn't know he had an accent. >> i told the truth. and i have faith that truth will prevail. >> reporter: meanwhile, the jackson family confirms that michael will be intered in this mausoleum, august 29th. >> it's really sad that michael jackson will be buried on his 51st birthday. >> reporter: because forest lawn is a secured area, there will be no way fans can make a pilgrimage to his gravesite. >> what it it say to you that
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-- what does it say to you that it took the family two months to bury michael? >> it shows that they didn't want to let go. it says that this is the final moment that they dread for a long time. >> jackson's family originally wanted to bury the king of pop at the neverland ranch. but couldn't since it's against california law for somebody to be buried on residential property. sharon gibala live at wjz traffic control. >> well, we haven't been doing too bad this afternoon. just a few accidents in the city. the first is going to be on tillman at claire street. another on bologna. east ordinance at 220. -- 210. second at glen dorsey road. watch for continued activity in baltimore county on beckliesville road. delaywise, there's a look at your drive times and your speeds for the top sides and the west side of the beltway. slowest spot, still the top side of the beltway.
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that's a 17-minute drive. there's a look at the west side, running smoothly. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. play the game millions have won. you can win a $100,000 jackpot. play scraple -- scrabble at subway. the college of notre dame is making history today. jessica kartalija reports, today, the school of pharmacy welcomes its inaugural class. students from across the country are making history in baltimore city. >> very exciting. yes. it's probably the happiest day of my life thus far. >> reporter: the newly renovated knott science center is home. students are learning their way around through college orientation. >> the college of notre dame is a college of firsts. and they have taken the initiative to start a school of pharmacy as the first women's college in the u.s. to have a
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college of pharmacy on board and a offer a pharmacy degree. it's very exciting. because you get to be part of history pretty much because you're going to be the first inaugural class. you're going to be the one that starts the program and kind of sets the foundation for it. >> reporter: there is a shortage of pharmacists, locally and nationally. a new report says that by the year 2020, there will be a 157,000-pharmacist shortage in the united states. >> it's a concern. because many of our states are not able to fill the positions very easily for pharmacists. and so we're hoping that our school of pharmacy in maryland is going to help ease that burden. >> reporter: classes officially begin august 24th. in baltimore city, jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> the program's fourth year is focused on giving students a chance to work in practice settings.
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>> tracking severe weather. talking about this severe weather in st. mary's county. report of a funnel cloud. and golf ball and baseball sized hail in southern st. mary's county. right here, it's very quiet. warm and humid. 84. come back and take a look at live radar. still a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for southern st. mary's c
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all right. well, right here, it's swimming weather. >> partly cloudy. partly sunny. warm, humid afternoon. it's been nice around here. but down to the south, a lot of violent weather. we did have a report. the storm tops were about 44,000 feet. around compton, two miles southeast of compton in southern st. mary's connie. -- too -- county. that is baseball-sized hail. and a few spots to report. a funnel cloud. apparently some observers down there. we've got more showers from southwest of vienna, to south of pax river. down to extreme southern maryland. that's moving into the chesapeake bay. officially, they still have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect for southern st. mary's
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county, for the next 35 minutes. all of that stuff moving out over the open water. so if you know anyone on the bay right now, in that region, there is a marine warning for the southern bay, extreme southern portions of the potomac river down there. extreme southern portions of our area. pretty much out of our viewing area. but we go to st. mary's city. dreiden. you folks still getting a pretty good storm. as you can see by the indications. earlier this afternoon, we had black and white in there. that indicates hail from that particular cell. and boy, did it produce some hail. around our region, it's pretty quiet. not much going on at all. all across north central maryland. i can't find a single shower anywhere. in pennsylvania, there are showers up to our north. and it's possible late tonight, you might see some of that stuff sliding on down across the region. take a look at temps across the region. 84 here. 91 in cumberland. 88, ocean city. pax river, and those places where it's raining,
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temperatures dropping back in the 70s. we're still in the 80s in the baltimore metro. because we haven't seen any rain. southerly winds generally around the region. showers across the southern areas. now, all of it is across the extreme southern regions. we've got sun and breaks and a few more thundershowers popping up across northern sections. tomorrow, and friday as well, with a lot of energy coming across the central states. the front approaching us. another chance of thunderstorm activity tomorrow. and again, coming up onfriday. and maybe even saturday, before things finally clear out of here. after saturday, this cold front is going to push everything offshore. including bill. bring us cooler and dryer weather for next week. south winds, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, 82. tonight then, showers and thundershowers may come in later tonight. 70 tomorrow. back up, upper 80s. sun, clouds and a couple of thunderstorms. any of these can have very,
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heavy drenching downpowers. -- downpours. we'll be watching that again. >> okay. yet another reason to look forward to the weekend. >> yes. still ahead at 5:00. reality star. california police search for a man in connection with the death of a swim suit model. more space for more students. why one anne arundel county charter school is expanding its facility, just in time for the new school year. i'm gigi barnett. that story is coming up in tonight's eyewitness news school watch report. guidelines issued. the government lets businesses know how to deal with the upcoming flu season.
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it is 5:29. 84 degrees. really humid and partly sunny. good evening, everybody. and thank you for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. as many school systems struggle to build and improve school systems in anne arundel county, one is growing. in its student body and now in faith. gigi barnett has more in tonight's schoolwatch report. >> reporter: the blueprints are all laid. and the finishing touches on the chesapeake science charter school in anne arundel county are almost complete. and right now, the halls are empty. but next week, classes begin. >> everything here is much bigger than what we had over there. >> reporter: kendall is the school's principal. he said the charter school's old facility was in a business
5:30 pm
park in hanover. it was tight. and there wasn't enough room to expand or do anything else. >> there was not much room in the hallways. walking through the hallways was hard because it was smaller. >> reporter: finding space for classes is up to the charter school. so as a result, chesapeake science is the only charter in anne arundel county. there was another. kip harbor county. but it closed its doors after two years because itent -- it couldn't find space. >> reporter: a developer donated money and space to grow and a passion for education. >> he had studied our school before he made this decision. probably he noticed the program. >> reporter: the new facility is about three times larger than the old school. the price tag on the construction? nearly $2 million. and parents know the school is here. the waiting list is about for00 student -- 400 students long. >> we can actually do more activities that we could do in our other building, but we had to sort of downsize some of the
5:31 pm
things things that we have. but now we know the sky is the limit. >> reporter: and that means the school's test scores may improve with the new building. the students already have some of the highest test results in the state, scoring in the 90th percentile in reading and math. >> chesapeake science school is a middle school but has plans to add 9th grade in 2010. and eventually expand up to 12th grade. prince george's county violated. the move was intended to save the county $17 million. the government says the county must find a way to repay the employees. it may lead to layoffs instead of furloughs. if you're in the area of aberdeen proving ground, don't be alarmed if you hear a series of noise. there will be a series of explosions due to tests being done there.
5:32 pm
the explosions may also create nonhazardous clouds of smoke. authorities stress, it's no threat to those living or traveling near the facility. "survivor" winner richard hatch is back in trouble with the law, after doing a media interview while on home detention. >> reporter: well, sally, hatch was rearrested on tuesday after being interviewed by several radio and television programs. in the interview, hatch alleged that the judge in his tax evasion case, discriminated against him because he's gay. he also accused them of misconduct. the bureau of prisons says permission is needed for each media outlet that gets an interview from a prisoner on home confinement. >> reporter: hatch was convicted back in 2006. the failure to pay taxes on his $1 million in survivor prize money. police find the body of a swim suit model inside a suit case. a reality tv contestant is
5:33 pm
being sought for questioning. >> she was close. a good roommate. her roommate was very friendly. she was friendly to everybody else. and it was just a shocker. >> reporter: 28-year-old jasmine fiore, say neighbors, seemed excited to move into her new apartment in the fairfax district with a new roommate and this man, ryan jenkins. recently seen as a contestant on the vh-1 show "megan wants a millionaire." but tonight, her fourth floor penthouse is a crime scene. >> we are searching for any evidence that may lead to the suspect in this case. >> reporter: inside, forensic investigators dust for fingerprints and shoot videotape of her empty apartment. police want to know who strangled the 28-year-old swimsuit model and left her body in a suitcase. she was discovered in a dumpster in buena park, saturday night. >> just isn't right.
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>> that same night, say police, ryan jenkins, walked into the west hollywood sheriff's substation and filed a missing persons report for his wife. then police say he went on the run. in either a black bmw suv with calgary license plates or his wife's white mercedes. >> police believe he may be heading towards canada. >> jasmine fiore's mother said that her daughter was briefly married to ryan jenkins. their 2-month-old marriage was then annulled and he later convinced her to take him back. august 4th, george sodini opened fire inside the l.a. fitness club. he killed three women before turning the gun on himself. members can return to the gym on saturday. and it will be open to the general public monday. a money manager who tried to escape financial ruin by faking his own death, has been sentenced in federal court. marcus schrenker will serve 51
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months in prison. he bailed out of a plane, before allowing it to crash in ray pense coal -- in a pensacola neighborhood. he will also pay restitution to the coast guard for their search efforts. monday marks the sixth birthday of hailing cummings, the florida girl missing. the child was last seen inside her father's mobile home. jeff glor reports for wjz, the father's new wife could be key to solving the case. >> if somebody has her, i just want my daughter back. that's it. >> reporter: six months ago, ronald cummings pleaded for the person who took his little girl to bring her back home. police and volunteers launched a major search effort to find haleigh cummings, and disappeared from their mobile home in the middle of the night. the father's new -- father's
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girlfriend, whom he has since married, said the child disappeared in the middle of the night. >> i tried to call him. and he didn't answer. so he pulled up and i told him. and i was freaking out. >> reporter: but the putnam county sheriff says that her story doesn't add up. she failed to give an account of what happened that night. and physical evidence contradicts what she told police. the search is still ongoing. and they are still hoping to find her alive. >> that was jeff glor reporting. they say neither of the parent -- child's biological parents are suspects in the case. initially came out as a rescue, kai. we were told this is just off of pleasure island, which is just off the end of millers island road. millers island, dundalk, baltimore county. this boat was just off of pleasure island. the initial information was that someone had jumped off a boat and drowned. now, it is not clear whether
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this just occurred or whether this person drowned as a result of an incident that occurred earlier. but as you can see, rescuers, firefighters, and natural resources police are on the scene, conducting the investigation. we'll stay tuned as we get more information, we'll keep you updated. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry, reporting live from dundalk. the u.s. department of transportation says the number. female drunk drivers is up nearly 30%. the most recent example is a wrong-way crash in new york. police say a 36-year-old woman had alcohol and smoked marijuana when she drove the wrong way for two miles, causing a multicar crash. around 2,000 alcohol-related deaths involve women every year. but the vast majority of arrests and deaths victim men. in tonight's eyewitness news healthwatch, your teenager may be sharing prescription medication with their friends. a new study found that of nearly 160017-year-olds across the country, about 27% admitted
5:38 pm
to either lending or borrowing a prescription drug from a friend. this trend could risk a teen having side effects or having an unknown health problem undiagnosed. asking companies to prepare for a large outbreak. healthwatch reporter kellye lynn has more. >> reporter: encouraging workers to wash their hands and installing sanitizers can help slow the spread of the flu. but even with these steps, millions of americans may still get sick during a pandemic. >> reporter: hospitals are getting ready for the possibility of a swine flu outbreak this fall. and the concern is not only about patients. facilities are preparing for large numbers of employees, coming in contact with the virus and being unable to work. >> we have been constantly preparing ask updating our emergency management plans. >> reporter: prevention is key. if the flu hits hard, the
5:39 pm
government suggests companies cancel face-to-face meetings. space employees farther apart. encourage employees with high- risk of flu complications, like pregnant women, to get vaccinated. and if possible, have employees work from home. experts say to have companies prepare for a worst-case scenario, where up to 30% of their staff is out sick. >> they need to have it where others can fulfill their functions. >> reporter: and employees have to do their part. >> when there's fever or cough, stay home. >> reporter: it's not just for your health but the health of your coworkers. >> reporter: health officials are asking employers to focus on hands and home. hand clenliness, -- cleanliness. and having an employee go home if they exhibit sickness. >> they should be available by mid-october. the annual making strides against breast cancer walk. to mark the occasion, the group
5:40 pm
kicked off its breakfast. survivors, loved ones expected by cancer and leaders in the medical community were all in attendance to raise money for the event. making strides against breast cancer is part of wjz's continuing community commitment. the four-mile walk will be held october 25th at the ymca. registration begins at 8:00. and the walk begins at 9:00. come on down with our own mary but bal a. time now for a quick look at things you'll find on the baltimore sun. checking in with businesses and visitors to the rip kin world series in aberdeen. watch the day-long vest festival dedicated to robeing music. -- rock music. well, nasa will try to launch the space shuttle discovery next week. less than a month after its
5:41 pm
last mission. discovery and its crew will haul supplies to the international space station. a 6-year-old california girl is doing her part to keep a local animal shelter open. rather than get gifts for her birthday, jordan asked birthday gifts to give money to help her with the shelter. she ended up making a $350 donation. jordan got one gift she won't be giving away. her parents surprised her with a kitten from the shelter. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. biking with friends. lance armstrong tweaks his plans for a bike ride in scotland and biking all around. a tornado caught on tape in the lone star state. the damage done. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. more showers and storms perhaps in our region. i'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street. everything is up nicely. we'll be right back.
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twister caught on tape. this tornado ripped through beaumont, texas last night.
5:45 pm
culting a -- cutting a large path of damage. part of a roof of a kohl's department store was cut off. several people were injured, but none serious. back here in maryland, parts of the state are dealing with severe weather. as we look at the forecast for tomorrow, what we're seeing, if you're headed down to the ocean is this. tomorrow, chance for a thunderstorm or two. and then friday, scattered thunderstorms are still possible. even on saturday. still the chance for a few thunderstorms before that front finally gets out of here. but by saturday eeping, it -- evening, it starts to clear out. back here at home, what we're expecting for tonight, still scattered thunderstorms around. mainly in southern parts of the area. but tomorrow morning, going to start out with a mix of clouds and sunshine. as we head through the day, scattered showers and clouds heading through the day once again. and temperatures still pretty warm. and it will still be muggy.
5:46 pm
now, for the rest of the five- day, here's bob. risk of showers. very warm and humid. saturday, still a risk of a shower. and things begin to dry out. for sunday, looks like a nice day. 84. 84 on monday. and that's about normal as we head into next week. so warm and humid. pretty typical of what we've seen. and again, thursday and friday afternoon and eaching showers -- evening showers and thunderstorms. got heavy downpours. we're talking about a half inch or inch of rain possible. if you're renting a car from hertz, you may want to be extra careful on the road. because the company will be taking a closer look at the car you return. hertz is testing photographic equipment that will scan a rental car for dings and dents before it's taken out and when it's brought back. the idea is to boost damage payments and save time. hertz loses $1 if i 75 million a year in damage payments. sony is slashing the price of the game console by $100.
5:47 pm
starting today, you can buy a police -- play station for $299. and in september, a slimmer one will be available. they hope to boost their sales. wjz will bring you suggestions to save you money. here's mary bubala with one way you can ride out the recession. this recession is forcing more and more american workers to brown bag their lunch. groups that track consumer trends say bringing a lunch every weekday can help you save up to $1,000 a year. and last year, some $8 -- 8.5 million americans brought their lunch to work each week. that figure sure to grow, as more of us look for ways to cut costs in this recession. and some are actually having fun with their brown bagging, by starting a lunch pool. remember how you traded sandwiches in the cafeteria at school. some are doing that at work as adults or they take turns
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making a couple of sandwiches for coworkers. and then switch off. for some reason, a sandwich made by someone else always tastes better. don't you think? wjz 13, trying to help you ride out the recession. for more recession tips, go to click on our special section on the home page. and check out tomorrow's baltimore sun. for all of the news stories coming up, denise is standing by live with a preview. new information about the weekend shooting in the inner harbor. police step up efforts to find the gunman. and it includes the $2,000 reward. and... it came as a result of complaints. families said they'd be walking along with children on these trails in daylight. and they would be seeing people having sex. i'll explain what happened in some undercover bust. that's coming up next. check in for these stories. we'll have all of the breaking news. be careful who you invite to bike around town. we should say be careful how many people you invite.
5:49 pm
lance armstrong was mobbed in scotland, after inviting residents to residents to join them on twitter. nowadays, it seems that record holders are getting younger and younger. >> take tiger brewer of london, for example. the 8-year-old is believed to have become the youngest person to wing walk. the brave kid flew at 100 miles an hour, on top of his grandfather's biplane. >> after their ride, tiger summed it up as amazing. >> i wonder how his mother felt. >> yeah. interesting. eyewitness sports -- or should i say more sports next. >> that's right. to the orioles' lineup tonight. we'll meet the new guy. and a new raven who has some flair. that causes him to stand out on the football field. i'll speak with kelly washington when eyewitness news continues.
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mark here with sports. orioles on the agenda today. >> yes. and on the road. which hasn't been a good place for them at all. game 2 in tampa bay. and the o's hope to find some
5:53 pm
success. but this season, they're lost. on pace for their most road defeats in more than 20 years. well, part of the problem is the transition that they're in. new players. most of them young players. veteran aubrey huff made his debut in a detroit tigers uniform the brought up to replace huff is michael aubrey. who made his debut and introduced himself with a base hit. and forever now, he's getting acclimated to a new team. i've only known what the indians do. come to norfolk and meet a bunch of guys. a team that was winning a good opportunity. and you just try to make the most of it. >> reporter: reliever cam nikaleio. the big right-hander struck out four of them. although it did turn out a five-
5:54 pm
4 orioles defeat. rookie chris tillman gets the first road victory to beat the angels this past friday. jeff nieman is the tampa bay starter. o's meanwhile, have lost four straight. first pitch, 7:05. westminster this afternoon. derrick mason stood out by wearing uniform number 9 in the practice session. it was his tribute to his former friend. kelly washington brings a certain flair to the field like his somersault to complete this drill. he is exuberant, washington is. plays to the crowd and practice. i asked him about his personality being part of the game. >> i enjoy it. showed a lot of energy and excitement. again, these fans. if it wasn't for the fans, that would be a job.
5:55 pm
it's just great. because again, i was a little kid at one time. and loved to see guys who interacted with the crowd. and i take pride in that. >> washington brings his vocal style. like this memorable confrontation with frank walker who is no wall flower himself. he's been getting extra practice time. coming up next hour, 15 -- 59-year-old tom watson has discovered the fountain of youth this year. details on when watson is coming and why. and that's ahead. on eyewitness news at 6:00. >> thank you, mark. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. a fisherman in south baltimore beaten in what police are calling a hate crime. i'm adam may. the security guard who help the the security guard who help the victim and called 91
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
check in for these stories and all the day's news. >> "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts now. an elderly man, viciously beaten in a popular baltimore park. >> tonight, new details in what police consider a hate crime. and hear from the person who called for help. >> hello, everyone. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. the elderly man who was attacked in what police are calling a hate crime. this hour, one person is in custody, but two others remain on the loose. adam may has exclusive reaction from the security guard who reported the attack. adam? >> reporter: denise, tonight, the only


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